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Terry J. Watts | | DRE #02191771

Terry J. Watts has real life experience buying and selling multiple businesses. He brings his years of expertise to all of his clients.

We understand that a true business owner’s perspective is valuable to you. Terry brings years of experience owning & running businesses.

Trust is invaluable to the success of our relationship. With our proven track record of buying and selling businesses, you can trust us to make the right decisions.

Excellence in Business Broker Transactions

“Buying or Selling a business can be a stressful and often confusing sale process. As a business broker, I bring years of valuable, personal experience to help you through the entire process. For my potential buyers and sellers, I provide professional business valuations, confidential listings, automated buyer inquiry systems, and stay in touch throughout with regular check-ins. By keeping an eye on the goal, the successful transfer of a business, we will work together to make it happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

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Terry J. Watts | DRE #02191771

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Our Services

Our Business Broker Services

Selling A Business

Our business brokers assist sellers through all the steps of a business sale, in a confidential manner. We help owners realize the true value of their business to properly establish a suitable marketing plan to help promote the sale to qualified buyers.

Buying A Business

We’ll work with you to understand what kind of business you are looking for and why. We’ll also work to understand your personal history and experiences so that we can help find you a business that you’ll be happy and successful in.

Business Consulting

We offer a range of business consulting services, helping small and mid-sized business owners finance, manage, strategize, and grow their extensive network with the business brokerage community.

Business Valuation

Our business brokers will help you determine your value of your business. Whether you're ready to sell or planning an exit strategy, a valuation with our business brokers is an important step for the right buyer.

Commercial Real Estate

We're the one-stop-shop in Northern California for helping you sell your business real estate in the California Market. By working with business brokers, you can save time and money.

Equipment Appraisals

A equipment appraisal is the independent and unbiased process of determining the opinion of value of tangible assets & are performed by certified professional appraisers.

Mergers & Aquisitions

If the qualified buyer is likely to be a private equity group, Corporate Buyers, or a wealthy individual buyer, then our Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) Division can be of most help to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions we get from people looking for the right buyer for their business or those looking to buy a business.

What is the Role of a Business Broker?

Business brokers are specialists who make small business buying and selling easier, helping their clients reach their desired outcomes. With experience across industries and a deep understanding of special characteristics, they can provide tailored assistance to ensure transactions run smoothly.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Business Broker to Sell Your Business?

There are a few benefits of hiring a business broker.

1) Gathering Important Documents: 

A business broker provides an invaluable service to small businesses – assessing performance, organizing financials, and even acting as a liaison. Why is this important? Financial statements are considered key documents when it comes time to value the enterprise or find potential buyers; they act like fingerprints that quickly identify any red flags for lenders and investors alike. 

Business brokers can assess the true value of a company by taking an in-depth look at its assets, performance history, and potential growth through comprehensive business valuations.

2) Network of Buyers

As part of our role in helping business owners transition, a broker will use expertise and guidance to identify buyers while carrying out core duties. By utilizing knowledge about the marketplace for businesses being sold, business brokers provide strategic insight into how best to ensure successful outcomes.

This may involve setting up consultations with interested buyers, upholding confidentiality protocols, addressing questions and reservations prospective buyers have about the sale agreement, as well as examining financing specifics to ensure smooth transactions.

3) Financial Due Diligence

All parties involved in the sale of a business work together through an intermediary to ensure that both buyer and seller are pleased with the terms, conditions, and offer. A team composed of attorneys, financial planners, tax experts, business advisors, and more may be called on for advice throughout this process, making it easier to prepare legal documents when all is said and done.

How Do Business Brokers Make Money?

Business brokers are highly skilled professionals that handle the tedious process of selling businesses. As a reward for being actively involved throughout the process, and their hard work, they receive a commission – commonly referred to as a “success fee” – which is typically 10-15% up until $1 million and slowly decreases after.

If you have other questions about our Northern California business brokerage, feel free to contact me.

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