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Selling a Business in California

Murphy Business Brokers adheres to the highest professional standards when helping in selling businesses. This is something you just can’t get with many neighborhood real estate and business sales firms. Instead of having access to your own local market, Murphy connects you to all of Northern California & Nationwide if needed. When choosing our office, you will have professional business advisors who represent you through the entire business sale process and answer all of your questions on how to sell your business.

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Our experienced California valuation professionals have a proven track record of helping most business owners realize their true business worth and properly establish a suitable marketing plan to promote the sale to prospective buyers. The professionals at Murphy Business know the California market and provide you with access to the broadest number of qualified buyers.

How to Sell Your Business to the Right Buyer

Our management team, Terry J. Watts, with a solid reputation, will be with you each step of the way when answering the daunting questions of “how to sell a business.” He’ll help you: 

  • Prepare a detailed offering portfolio
  • Arrange a business valuation
  • Develop a marketing plan to sell the business to the right buyer
  • Implement the plan and promote to a potential buyer
  • Negotiate Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Finalize Closing through Financing and Funding

Partnering with California Business Brokers

Generally speaking, we provide a detailed offering portfolio above the typical on page MLS form. Going above and beyond in information gathering and presentation is just one way Murphy Business Brokers exceeds expectations to help provide information for business buyers in their due diligence efforts. These efforts often provide smoother sales with speedier transaction times in the California market.

In addition, business brokers create a customized marketing plan to attract the right buyer in Northern California. Our local and national connections and associations create a network of thousands of business brokers seeking out the correct buyer looking for a new business venture.

We provide our network of banking professionals to assist the buyer with traditional financing or SBA small business loans. While providing this service, we can often minimize the amount of seller financing, if needed.

Murphy Business Brokers assists sellers through all the steps of a business sale, even through the closing. Contact us today to receive a valuation.

More About Terry:

“Selling a business can be a stressful and often confusing process. As a business broker, I bring years of valuable, personal experience to help you through the process. For my business selling clients, I provide professional valuations, confidential listings, automated buyer inquiry systems, and stay in touch throughout the entire process with regular check-ins. By keeping an eye on the goal, the successful transfer of a business, we will work together to make it happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

 – Terry J. Watts

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